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Waiting for sales?
If you're hitting refresh just waiting for sales to come in, Cultivate could change everything. We want you to connect with your audience like never before. Stop waiting for the sales. It's time to go grab them!

Create taught you to create physical products to sell online.
Curate taught you how to make digital products.

Now, with Cultivate you learn everything you need to become a paid authority in your chosen niche. And don't worry, if you haven't found your niche yet, we'll help.

You have a unique, valuable place in the world. And we're going to show you all your options to monetize it. Whatever your niche, you will learn to create your own branded product range, develop a signature program, launch a video class or open a paid membership site. And more than that, Cultivate will help you to understand the new wave of marketing. Chatbots, gamification, Instagram and of course a complete walkthrough of Facebook marketing in 2018 - managing groups, running ads and beyond! These are just some of the 20+ full length classes in Cultivate.

We want to help you explore your options, share our recommendations and work with you to plan a business that you'll love and enjoy cultivating!

Who should take Cultivate?

We've designed Cultivate for anyone who identifies with the following:

  • Starting a new business.
  • Planning to transform or rapidly scale an existing business
  • Looking to develop your current product range and bring it to life.
  • You’re ready to stop ‘selling widgets’ and invest in a sustainable, long term brand.
  • Authors, artists and musicians who are ready to seriously market their work.
  • Teachers and instructors who would like to move their classes online, opening them up for national and international sales. Perfect for instructors in fitness, music, childbirth, dance or any other teaching industry.
  • Anyone looking to establish authority in their niche and feel confident working with others.

What can you expect from Cultivate?

  • Cultivate will help you grow your entrepreneurial skillset, toolset and mindset... and with them, hopefully your sales!
  • Cultivate starts at 20 classes, averaging an hour each on different topics of brand-building and marketing. Each class is tightly edited, no waffle, divided into clickable chapters with timestamps and jampacked with real examples, slides and helpful tools.
  • Each class has a short optional ‘homework’ assignment. We recommend you take these as they will help you test your knowledge and also take a practical step towards your business goals. If you complete these assignments, you will have a very solid toolset to help you grow and scale your business.
  • If you have not tried Tangent yet, you will receive a two month subscription. Our exclusive software contains 18,000 niches, a Formulizer tool to help you put together programs and ideas, a keyword generator, color palette creator and the Tangent Explorer which will help you find art, content, sources and much more for anything you can imagine!
  • If you’re not already a member, you’ll get lifetime access to our Create/Curate/Cultivate Facebook group.
  • You get permanent access to the class and all additional material we add to it in future.

Cultivate is about choosing the path that suits you and your business!

With 20 full length classes, you will finish the course with a comprehensive plan for building a monetized, marketable brand.

The first classes are all about You! You have a lifetime of valuable knowledge, skills and expertise and our Expertise Worksheet will help you inventory them and find opportunities to monetize them. Then we move onto your story (or stories). Great storytelling is one of the most critical skills in marketing and Cultivate helps you find your story and tell it effectively.

With your story and expertise down, we move onto analyzing your audience. Who they are, where they are and what they will pay for you!


And with those foundations in place, we get down to business, building your audience and curating your product range. Cultivate considers products to be any packaged thing - digital or physical - that you get paid for. For example - subscription boxes, gift sets, books, coaching packages, video classes, apps or curated information.

You’ll learn how to create a signature program - a curated collection of these products that reflect your brand. I show you the alchemy I use to turn research into video classes (like this one!) quickly and we walk through your options for making video. If you’re not comfortable on camera, I show you alternatives like animated videos.

To host the program, Isaac walks you through building your own secure membership site from start to finish without expensive software or services. That means you have a place to sell and host classes, resources and paid products that is password protected for your customers and will handle their payments. Your very own selling platform where you set the rules!

The third part of the course is all about marketing. In 2018, building an audience is an unavoidable part of selling online. Outside of Amazon and eBay, organic reach is limited - which means that you will need marketing skills to bring people to your website or selling platform. We show you the methods that have worked for us, building Facebook groups, growing a following on Instagram, creating YouTube videos, coaching, public speaking and more! We even show you how to create lead magnets and challenges to keep your audience interacting with and enjoying your brand. Of course, we also walk you through running an advert on Facebook in 2018. Learn what all those objectives mean and how to use them!

Our marketing classes don’t stop there though. We studied high level reports from professional marketing managers to find the most effective, exciting technologies in marketing and produced two groundbreaking classes on Gamification and Chatbots. Gamification will give you a whole new perspective on creating addictive, engaging content and products. In this intense class, you’ll learn why Zynga games, Facebook notifications and Starbucks for Life keep you coming back whether you want to or not - and how you can use the same tactics.

Our Chatbot class has been described as worth the price of admission alone. This class walks through building a simple bot from start to finish. Use them to automate your Facebook messenger, handle customer service queries, run promotions and contests, deliver information and even order pizza! If you’ve been using email lists, you may switch to messenger bots after you’ve watched this class. How many unopened emails are in your inbox? How many get stuck in promotion folders and spam filters? Messenger bots send messages directly to your customer’s Facebook inbox. Sounds spammy? We’ll show you why they’re not and why your customers will enjoy interacting with them. My bot gets dozens of queries a day - FROM customers. My customers are coming to me, not vice versa! That’s ‘inbound marketing’ - a philosophy I love. Providing content and products that are so good your customers seek you out.

After you have finished this course, we believe you will have a powerful, bulletproof plan for your business. Our goal is that you finish with solid foundations, amazing products, a powerful marketing strategy and a dedicated niche audience who will fall in love with your brand and want to buy from you again and again.


Isaac and I have been in the trenches, dealing with the transitions of entrepreneurship ourselves over the last few years. From exclusively doing retail arbitrage, we have slowly graduated to building our own collection of digital products, courses, information products, workshops, software and services… and more importantly, through Facebook, YouTube and trade shows, we’ve built a thriving community of thousands of wonderful people that we hope we can work with for years to come!

It has been hard work and an enormous learning experience... but it has also been incredibly rewarding, both financially and in terms of the future. Building and owning a brand has given us both a wealth of career options and opportunities that we couldn’t have imagined a couple of years ago, plus we get to stay at home with our kids and each other, and work when we choose, setting our own schedule and goals. I’ll take any amount of hard work for that!

Our overall goal for Cultivate is to share the most valuable REAL and practical lessons we have learned (and are continuing to learn!) with you and to fuel you up for a serious breakthrough in your own business, filling in all the gaps so you can join us in feeling absolutely prepared for a very successful 2018!

What you will get from Cultivate:

We believe you have a unique story and experiences that you can develop into a valuable, monetized business and we’d love to help you nail those down and find YOUR path towards success and becoming ‘unstuck’. We don’t want to turn you into a ‘guru’ but we do think you are capable of so much more than maybe you imagine - or if you're already imagining it, then we want to help you get there. Our goal is for you to identify and then monetize your interests in a way you feel excited and positive about. We want you to be happy in 2018!

The classes in Cultivate will encourage you to stretch the boundaries of your comfort zone but they will all be do-able, fun and achievable with no previous experience required - and by the end of it, our goal is that you will have an expanded skillset, a positive mindset, a clear plan for your business next year and a toolbox full of everything you need to fulfill it.

The focus is on YOU and how to find, build and connect with YOUR tribe!
After all, those are the people who are going to be buying from you.

Our previous courses, Create and Curate helped you to develop your products. Now Cultivate takes the lead to help you fill in the gaps. If you haven’t taken any of our previous courses, that’s ok! This time, we go back to our roots - creating the product of your dreams, not just a widget, but a complete brand that reflects you and your unique experience.

This course really is about you. It will give the tools to help you understand yourself as an entrepreneur and feel confident in your skills. Cultivate will help you develop and build your skillset to fit your business, delivering to an audience that you love and relate to. Ultimately our goal is for you to develop products that are easy to sell and connect them to the right audience.

Cultivate is about bringing you, your products and your customers together.

Just a sample of testimonials from our current and previous courses