1. Welcome / 'You are An Expert' (1:11:15)

  • Use the expertise worksheet to take stock of your skills. Discover valuable, monetizable skills and knowledge you didn't even know you had!
  • Learn the seven skills of successful entrepreneurs.
  • 'Inbound Insights' - We analyse the predictions of leading marketing professionals.
your story

2. Find your story (1:09:10)

  • Learn why storytelling is crucial to your brand and sales.
  • Learn how to find and tell your story.
  • Understanding archetypes.
  • Be the hero!
  • Katharyne's tips for overcoming imposter syndrome, whoever you are.

3. Analysing your audience (58:00)

  • We delve deep into market research as I demonstrate my favorite eight tools for researching an audience and understanding exactly what they want from you.
  • Create a detailed customer avatar so you understand who your audience are and how to target them.
products products

4. Curating your product range (1:26:55)

  • Evaluate your products to determine which ones are serving your customers.
  • Understand what makes a valuable, desirable product.
  • Understand how to expand and develop your product range, using the Ansoff matrix.
  • My 'secret' method for predicting customer demand. Use this to determine the most popular day of the year for any particular product.
three vs three vs

5 & 6. The Three 'Vs' of Branding (1:54:73)

  • Define your brand values, voice and visuals.
  • Identify your true values and how these are the key to making your brand an endeavor you will enjoy and evangelize.
  • Understand why these three 'Vs' are crucial foundations to your business that you will revisit and use again and again.
  • Finding your voice. Studying how businesses communicate to their customers.
  • Creating your unique 'look' without expensive designers. Confidently pick color schemes, fonts and design that look fantastic without days of deliberation.
Facebook Groups

7. Building your community (1:25:35)

  • A large part of my business has come from Facebook groups. Learn how I have grown and managed multiple Facebook groups with thousands of members.
  • Understand how to set tone, start conversations, schedule posts, find content and engage your members.

8. Challenging your community (45:52)

  • Free challenges are an exciting way to motivate, engage and grow your community fast.
  • They also funnel people towards paid programs and courses. If someone enjoys your challenge, they may well buy a more thorough program from you.
  • Understand the needs of your community and how your challenge can help meet those needs and make your community very happy!
  • Study great examples of challenges that boosted engagement and ultimately sales.
  • Execute your challenge like a pro and follow up.
Guest Interview

9. Guest Cultivator Interview (27:30)

  • Learn how this lady has built her cosmetics business based on a unique niche.
  • Super motivating story. Hear about how she has carefully branded her business and built a huge following on Instagram. Plus learn how she has used trade shows and expos to grow fast!
Making A Video

10. Making a video (50:38)

  • Video is one of the most powerful marketing tools on social media in 2018. Find out why.
  • Video is also valuable. Put great content in a video and it can be monetized!
  • Learn a simple five part structure for creating a video.
  • How to write a simple script for your video.
  • How to record. The equipment you will need.
  • Camera shy? No problem. Here are some alternative ways to produce exciting videos without being on camera.
  • The nitty gritty of YouTube. How to get seen, how much you can expect to earn and more.
Signature Program

11. Creating a signature program from scratch (1:04:15)

  • Your signature program may be one digital product, like a course or demonstration or it may be a packaged collection of digital and physical products and services.
  • Learn what makes a GREAT signature program.
  • Study real examples of bestselling programs and why they work.
  • Revisit your expertise worksheet to discover and develop your skills into programs.
  • Understand what your audience want from you and what they are willing to pay for.
  • My process for turning knowledge into a product and how to price it.
Membership Site Membership Site

12 & 13 Building a membership site (1:18:19)

  • Membership sites are the perfect place to host your signature program.
  • Paid sites can include video, blog posts, forums and a host of resources.
  • There are many ways to build a membership site and many platforms to host them. Kajabi, one of the leading platforms costs a minimum of $100 a month. If that's outside your budget, it's actually not difficult or expensive to create your own platform, even with no web knowledge or experience.
  • Isaac walks you through the process of setting up a membership site using Wordpress.
  • Choose and set up a domain name on a site.
  • Configure your pages and menu correctly.
  • Learn what a lead magnet does and how to create an attractive, valuable one.
  • Learn how to manage your membership site like a pro.
  • Customize the look of your site.
  • Add video and widgets.
Live Question and Answers

14. Bonus Q&A Session with First-Wave Cultivate members (1:10:07)



15. Gamification (1:28:32)

  • Gamification is a huge buzzword in marketing, but it's much more than that. Adding game elements to your brand makes it fun for your customers to interact with... and addictive! This is the next level of customer psychology and we go deep on it!
  • Major brands are gamifying their products and marketing. We study some examples where the result was a huge jump in sales and customer retention.
  • Understand how white hat and black hat gamification methods work and how your customers will respond to them.
  • Learn simple game mechanics and how to inject them into your program and products.
  • Use Tangent and Magic Formulas to create new game mechanics.
  • Understand the value of culture and world building with a product example you can create.

16. Chatbots (58:27)

  • Chatbots are amazing! I am using them to promote my products, serve information to my customer, handle simple customer service queries and run fun games, contests and giveaways.
  • I order pizza from a chatbot! They can do all kinds of things to help your business.
  • A chatbot can broadcast messages directly to your customer's Facebook inbox. Think how many people ignore their emails, yet Facebook messages are hard to miss!
  • Learn to build a simple, functional bot from scratch and link it to your Facebook page. No programming required!
Facebook Marketing

17. Using the Facebook Ads Manager (57:32)

  • Complete walkthrough of Facebook Ads Manager.
  • First, I show you how to set up a Facebook page.
  • Then we walk through the options for ads, what the different objectives mean and how to use them.
  • I show you how to understand audiences on Facebook, discover their interests and target them correctly.
  • Then we schedule and budget the ad.
  • Finally, I show you how to connect your chatbot to an advert. What does that mean? Everyone who clicks on your ad and talks to your bot is someone you can now connect with or broadcast to on Messenger.

18. Instagram (1:07:17)

  • We study successful Instagram accounts, analyse what they are doing and how it is working to bring new leads to a business.
  • Understand what content works on Instagram.
  • We talk about how to avoid trouble and the dreaded 'shadowban' - there are some hashtags you need to avoid and we talk about why.
  • Learn how to build followers (approximately 50 a day) using my method.
  • Learn to schedule posts and use Instagram stories.
One On One

19. Working one-on-one with customers (1:15:01)

  • Learn what makes a great coach or consultant and which coaching style would work for you.
  • Understand the ethics of working with customers as a coach or consultant.
  • Learn conversational skills that will support your customers and instil confidence in them.
  • Learn to package your consultancy or coaching sessions and connect them with your signature program.
Establishing Authority

20. Establishing Authority (1:02:46)

  • “Write a book!” is the obvious advice, but it's easier said than done. We talk about the practicalities of putting your expertise into writing.
  • Use Magic Formulas to create concise, informative and impressive presentations.
  • Learn how to use meetups creatively to build an audience, establish authority and engage your potential customers.
  • Learn how to build a media kit and find public speaking opportunities.

Plus more classes coming soon!